A është ky sporti më i dhunshëm në botë? (FOTO)


Të mbushur me tatuazhe dhe të zhveshur nga beli e sipër, këto pamje duket sikur vijnë nga një ndeshje mes të burgosurish.

Por në fakt është një sport, i njohur si Futbolli Historik- Calcio Storico.

Ai luhet në qershor në Firence të Italisë.

27 lojtarë në çdo ekip përpiqen me çdo kusht që të çojnë topin në fund të fushës së kundërshtarit.

Kur mbreti Henri III i Francës e pa për herë të parë këtë sport, tha: “është shumë i vogël për të qenë luftë dhe shumë mizor për të qenë një lojë”./Mapo.al

Hands on: The annual Calcio Storico - or 'historic football' - tournament takes place every June in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and sees two teams of 27 play a no-rules game of football

Brutal: Players are allowed to use any means to get the ball from one end of the field to the other, including punching, kicking and wrestling - all done without gloves or helmets

Relentless: Matches are played on a dirt pitch for 50 minutes straight without any stoppages, even if players have to be stretchered off the field by medics waiting in the wings

Ancient: A sport similar to this was likely played by the Roman Legions, though nobody is quite sure when it made its way to Florence

Chaos: Despite often descending into an all-out fight, the game does have a referee and six linesmen who are charged with keeping the peace (pictured here in yellow), though their efforts often prove futile

Sport: Players score by throwing or kicking the ball into a long, thin net spanning the width of the pitch (picture here, in front of the crowd)

Shocking: After being shown a game of Calcio Storico in 1573, King Henry III of France declared that it was 'too small to be a war and too cruel to be a game'

Fierce: Four teams compete in the tournament from the four districts of Florence - Santa Croce, in blue, Santa Maria Novella, in red, Santo Spirito, in white, and San Giovanni in green (pictured, a Santo Spirito, left, and a San Giovanni player, right)

History: The trousers worn by the competitors are supposed to resemble those used in medieval times, when the game was played between rival houses and wealthy barons

Ancestry: The modern incarnation of the Calcio Storico began in 1930, at a carnival to mark the anniversary of the siege of Florence by the French, and the tradition continues to this day

Victorious: Santo Spirito players celebrate scoring during the game which their team went on to win, crowing them tournament champions

Scenic: The games are played in the Piazza Santa Croce, in front of the basilica on the south eastern side of Florence

Change of scenery: Usually packed with tourists and diners eating at outdoor restaurants, for one day a year the square is turned over to this brutal sport and the thousands of fans it attracts

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